young wines from the wine cellar Redaelli De Zinis

Young wines

Garda Chardonnay
Location of  vineyards:
  • Calvagese Riviera and Muscoline; mid-hill (260 m.), cultivated according to the ecological and environmental system using the Guyot method.
  • Produced from following grapes:  purely Chardonnay grapes
  • The hand-picked grapes gathered in small boxes are put in horizontal presses and softly crushed. The resulting must undergoes a purifying cold treatment, that eliminates all negative smells and enhances the delicate scents of the grapes picked at the end of August.
Organoleptic Test:
  • Colour: emerald green with yellowy reflections;
  • Aroma: intense bouquet with overtones of fruit and banana;
  • Flavour: dry, ideal for toasting at special occasions;
  • Alcohol content: 12% vol.
Ideal with:
  • Its fresh and fragrant vein exalts delicate foods; fish tartlets; Parma Ham; pasta with Mediterranean sauces; fish baked in foil, fish soups; soft, fresh cheese and petits fours;
  • Should be served cold at 8-9° C;
  • Particularly suitable as an aperitif.

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