young wines from the wine cellar Redaelli De Zinis

Young wines

Garda Pinot Grigio
Location of  vineyards:
  • In Calvagese Riviera and Muscoline; mid-hill (260m.), cultivated according to the ecological and environmental system in spurred cordons.
Produced from following grapes and processing: 
  • Pinot Grigio (95%) and  Pinot Nero (5%).
  • The dregs are removed from the must with a cold treatment that exalts the delicate bouquet of the well-ripened, sugary Garda grapes.
Organoleptic Test:
  • Color: greenish with straw reflections tending towards pink;
  • Aroma: Intense and decisive;
  • Flavor: dry with a delicately sourish background, full in the mouth;
  • Alcohol: 12° C.
 Ideal with:
  • Excellent with hors d’oeuvres generally and salamis; risottos; egg pasta; steamed or grilled fish; omelettes, vegetable and dishes, white meat;
  • Serving temperature 10° C.

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