Olio Extra vergine di olive Lago di Garda Valtenesi

Olio extravergine Oliva



The sunny climate of Garda Lake and the accurate selection of olives, picked by hand, are some of the reasons why this olive oil is so delicate and scented. Its nutritional elements are intact and therefore effective on human biological functions. Deep green with some golden reflections, it appears slightly misty, as precious microscopic particles of olive pulp still float in it . Thanks to its fruity and truly natural taste, it enhances every kind of food: fresh or boiled vegetables, fish, poultry and roasts.

The following guidelines explain its production process:
- Selection of olives among the best local species: leccino,frantoio,casaliva,gargna';
- Ecological methods of olive-grove cultivation;
- Harvest around November 15 each year, to prevent the use of over-ripe olives;
- Handpicking of olives followed by pressing within 24 hours;
- Cold-pressing procedure to extract the oil;

As an essential part of the Mediterranean diet, it is used to prevent cholesterol and to reduce oxidation caused by free radicals, as it is rich in Vitamin E.