Our History


COAT OF ARMS: red with running hound collared in gold, flanked by two silver bands
CREST: hound rising from the field between two red profiles, each edged by two silver bands
RESIDENCES: Cavareno (TN) and Calvagese Riviera (BS)

Our forefathers:

ANTONIO DE ZINIS 1799 (Judge of Verzano) Married Elisabetta Kerrn
ALESSANDRO DE ZINIS 1839 (migrated to Brescia) Married Maria Tracagni from the Count's Family ofi Salò
UGO DE ZINIS, (ALESSANDRO, ANTONIO) 1869 Married Agnese De Vitalis
RENATA DE ZINIS 1914 Married Oscar Redaelli

This family of ancient Moravian origin settled in the Trentino area in the XV century. In October 1537, Giovanni, Antonio, Nicolò De Zinis obtain a title of nobility of Tirolo by Cardinal Bernardo, Prince and Bishop of Trento. The title was confirmed by the Emperor Ferdinando on the 30th of September 1560 and recorded in the book of nobility of the Tirolo region. In Prague, on the 31st of December 1584 the Emperor Rodolfo II gave the noble title of Equerry  of the Sacred Roman Empire to the brothers Giovanni, Antonio, Pietro, Giacomo De Zinis

The Redaelli De Zinis family mansion in Calvagese Riviera, was built at the beginning of the XVIII century for the nobleman Alessandro De Zinis, lawyer and jurist.
The building, classical example of rural Lombard architecture and still magnificently furnished with antique original pieces of  furniture, was used as a summer retreat by the family escaping the city heat and looking for cooler temperatures amongst  the green and solitary hills crowning Garda Lake, also known as Benacus .