The Redaelli de Zinis estate extends over an area of 120 hectares; another 50 hectares are cultivated in vineyards with carefully selected DOC grapes.

The agricultural estate (approximately 120 hectares) extends around the Villa patrizia, where the historic winegrowing culture blends with animal husbandry, forage and grain-growing activities in addition to agritourism. The vine-growing area (approximately 50 hectares), produces grapes typical of the classic Garda, all designated DOC controlled origin, which also produce excellent clusters, along with precious extra-virgin olive oil, authentic flower of this happy, generous, and fruitful land.

Growth is favored by special climatic factors specific to the moraine amphitheatre of the Garda, formed by the slow withdrawal of the glaciers in the Quaternary era.
The land, although arid and rocky, produces fruit in low quantity, but absolutely unique and with unmistakable flavors.