young wines from the wine cellar Redaelli De Zinis

Young wines

Garda Sauvignon
Geographic location of the vineyards::
  • In Calvagese Riviera and Muscoline; mid-hill (mt. 260), cultivation with eco-environmental system.
  • Type of cultivation: guyot.
Uve da cui è prodotto e lavorazione:
  • pure Sauvignon
  • The grapes gathered by hand in small boxes are placed in horizontal presses for soft pressing. The must obtained is then drained of lees with cold treatment, to eliminate any negative odor and bring out the delicate fragrances of the grapes gathered at the end of August.
  Organoleptic exam:
  • Color: straw gold, with greenish reflections;
  • Fragrance: intense, firm and characteristic;
  • Flavor: dry, with delicate aftertaste, full-bodied;
  • Alcohol: 12.5% vol.
  • An enjoyable wine also as an aperitif, it blends with any type of cold cuts, with shell fish stew, vegetable soups and with steamed, grilled, or fried lake or sea fish.
  • It is served cold at 9-10° C. It is also excellent in the "passito" (sweet raisin wine) meditation version, enhanced with tastings of cheeses.

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